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Charity Involvement.

Just Big Stuff Nursery takes great pride in their commitment to the community.  Manny and Michelle Garcia are the proud parents of three children.  Their middle child, and only daughter, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  This disability has left her wheelchair bound, non-verbal and requiring 24/7 care.  Their daughter is what inspired them to support different charities and, ultimately, start a non-profit for children with Cerebral Palsy called "Samantha's Purpose a/k/a Voices for Cerebral Palsy".  

Manny is also one of the founding members of M.A.P.S. (Miami Senior High School Alumni Professional Society), with his high school buddies.  Every year they provide technology packages to a select group of seniors graduating from their alma mater, Miami Senior High School.  

The Garcia Family and Just Big Stuff Nursery also are proud to have supported through sponsorship and in-kind donations:

Blossoms Developmental Therapy Center

St. Ann's Catholic School (Naples, Florida)

St. Kevin's Catholic School (Miami, Florida)

Hammock Police Department (through Commissioner Juan Zapata's office)

Hands on Miami

The Guayabera Lady Foundation

The "X" Family Foundation

Great Heights Academy

Alexander Montessori School 

PKD Foundation

Chapman Partnership

March of Dimes

Good Hope Equestrian Center

Villa Lyan School

South Miami Child Development Center

South Miami Hospital Foundation

Miami Children's Hospital (n/k/a/ Nickalaus Children's Hospital).

Samantha's Purpose a/k/a Voices for Cerebral Palsy is an organization that was inspired by Samantha Garcia - Manny & Michelle's second child.  They saw the need in the community for an organization that provided financial support to families of children with Cerebral Palsy.

​​This 501(c)(3) charitable organization's mission is to:

Increase awareness & understanding of Cerebral Palsy.

Plan fun community events that are bring families, community members and children of all abilities together; while raising funds to give back to the Cerebral Palsy community.

Raise funds to support summer camps and therapy programs that are inclusive to those that have Cerebral Palsy.

Raise funds to support programs and organizations that strengthen, support & nurture individuals with Cerebral Palsy.​

The Founders and Board Members all donate their time and energy to this organization.

For more information, please contact Michelle Coffey-Garcia at (305) 256-1221 or at

It all started with an idea.

Just Big Stuff Nursery was an idea that Jose "Manny" Garcia had in 2001 after being in the plant nursery industry since 1997, first as an account manager to the major chain stores and then as a plant broker and founder of Classical Plant Brokers.


As his clients continued to request more and more 7, 10, 15 and 25 gallon plant material he knew he had to dedicate himself to growing "JUST BIG STUFF" in order to supply his customers.  Fast forward to today and Manny and Just Big Stuff Nursery are known industry-wide as one of the top large container nursery growers.​​

Family Owned & Operated 

Do you want to work with a team that is dedicated to finding solutions to your search for quality landscape, foliage and cold-hardy plant material?  Look no further than Just Big Stuff Nursery.


We have been part of the nursery industry since 1999.  We pride ourselves on the great and long-term relationships we build with our clients.

Community Work

We Are Just Big Stuff Nursery.....

Manny is a native of Miami, Florida and a very proud graduate of Miami Senior High School.  He truthfully started off in the agricultural industry with his grandfather, who owned a lawn maintenance company.  He takes great pride in the fact that he started cutting grass during summer breaks to earn extra money in elementary school.  In 1997, he started working as an account manager for a grower/plant nursery that supplied material to the large chain stores; such as Home Depot, Builder's Square, Lowe's, etc.  Always the entrepreneur, in January, 1999 he decided it was time for him to start his own business and opened Classical Plant Brokers.  Manny's love of being outside, the challenges of business and the people he has meet in this industry are what make everyday a great day at Just Big Stuff Nursery.